ENO Weather week is an international project for schools and linked to ENO Climate Change Campaign. Many ENO schools have made weather observations for years and are experienced. In this pilot project we have some of those experienced schools who can help others with less experience.  The standard weather protocols and instruments are used. 

The minimum measurements taken include temperature (current, min, max), precipitation and cloud observations. Recommendable but optional measurements are barometric pressure, humidity, wind direction and wind speed. Manual observations are taken at least once daily, around noon (-1/+1 hour). Instructions to set up your weather station will be delivered to schools. 

Weather data will be submitted online to ENO Database and it will be used in school projects and ENO Climate Change Campaigns.  Special mailing list will be used for information and guidance. 

For this project we have two special ENO Weather Weeks per year: week 5 in February and week 43 in October.
  All the schools are welcomed to participate!